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For independent car buying advice don’t forget to check out our advice centre. Whether you want to know more about car finance, your legal rights, the pros and cons of a warranty or GAP insurance, we can help. We have no axe to grind, our advice is impartial. So, if you are selling or buying a car be sure to browse our site…

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Personal Finance Options - A simple guide

You may be tempted into believing car finance is an extremely complex subject and that you’ll need a first class degree in braineology to understand it. Well I am glad to say that’s rubbish and 99% of UK car finance is as simple as you like…

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How to buy a new car for less

To understand how to get a new car with maximum discount you need to understand how the motor trade works. For an insight which can save you thousands read more…

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Gap Insurance

When you are in the market for a new car on finance you will almost inevitably be offered certain financial add-on products, one of the most common being GAP insurance which covers you in the event of an insurance write off. Can you afford not to invest in GAP insurance? For an independent assessment read on…

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Car Warranties

Warranties have enjoyed a mixed reputation over the years with some folks preferring to eat sauerkraut for breakfast than invest in a car warranty. But is this reputation fair? Here’s our independent assessment….

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Trade-in or sell your old car?

So, you want a new car but need to off load your current vehicle first. The simple option is to trade-it in but we will argue that this may not be the best option. Check out why…

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How to secure credit if you have an uncertain credit history

Most new and nearly new cars in the UK are financed by credit and for those with a healthy credit score, finance is currently easy to find and inexpensive. But for those with an uncertain credit history, things can be more difficult…

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Cars, business & taxation

For both employers and employees who drive a car as part of their job, taxation is a potential minefield. For a whistle stop tour of the options available plus plenty of useful links and car buying advice read on…

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Your legal rights

Buying a second-hand car was always seen as hazardous with dodgy cars and rogue car dealers aplenty. But consumer rights have been tightened up and the balance of power has shifted from dealer to consumer. It’s still by no means straightforward though and you would be well advised to know your rights…

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How to settle car finance early

Unless you are blessed with second sight or can borrow your grandma’s crystal ball it is impossible to predict the future and so, if you decide to pay off your car finance early you will not be alone. Unforeseen circumstances are the catalyst behind thousands upon thousands of early settlements each year across the country. In this article we will explore your options…

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Should you invest in premium tyres?

What criteria do you use to make your tyre buying decision? Premium, mid-range or budget…does it come down to whether you’ve had a good day on the horses?

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How to buy a car on the internet

For choice and value, shop for your next car on the internet. The best place to make a car buying decision is from the comfort of your own home. No pushy salesman and no anxiety. Follow our guide for a stress-free buying experience. For the best in car buying advice and top deals on the net!

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How to get a new car for the price of your old banger

With the latest, astonishingly fuel efficient engines delivering 60 plus miles per gallon, a six-year freeze in fuel duty and the lowest interest rates in a generation, there has never been a better time to buy a new car. Add into the mix the new breed of small city cars available at around £9,000, with warranties up to 7 years and it may be time for a new car.

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Petrol or Diesel cars?

The inexorable rise of the diesel took a hammer blow with the VW emissions scandal in 2015 but nonetheless diesel powered cars still make-up almost 50% of the UK’s new car sales. Let’s cut through the emotion which can muddy the water and examine the pros and cons of the diesel engine in comparison with its petrol cousin…

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First-time Car Drivers

This article is for you if you are thinking about getting your first car or you are a parent /grandparent wanting to help your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter step into the sometimes complex and expensive world of car ownership…

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The Car Service: Fact & Fiction

It’s something we all do but like taxes it’s not a rewarding way to part with your hard-earned cash. After all, there is nothing tangible to show for it except a plastic bag covering the front seat and a square of recycled paper protecting the carpet. The truth is we really haven’t a clue what goes on once our car is manoeuvred onto the ramp by the men in blue overalls. You pay your money and you take your chance…