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Try our range of finance calculators and comparison tools to help you get a better deal on your next car…


Depreciation Calculator – calculates depreciation and projected depreciation in the future and will also give you a guide to potential future equity on a PCP contract.

Car loan/HP Calculator – calculates the cost of your finance, dependant on your your UK credit rating and gives you the flexibility to vary interest rates and the term of the loan. Very useful in helping you decide what you can afford and the most suitable loan term.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) Calculator – calculates monthly payments and interest payments depending on total finance, GMFV and interest rates. This calculator is a must to negotiate the best possible deal on a PCP.

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Mileage / Fuel Calculator – select miles travelled, MPG and cost per litre of fuel to calculate the overall cost of the fuel. Or calculate your actual MPG from miles driven, the cost per litre of the fuel and the total amount spent. Ideal for working out the cost of a trip abroad or your UK annual fuel bill. It will help you determine how much you could save in fuel if you changed to a more fuel efficient vehicle.

Comparison Tools

The real Cost of Car ownership – This comparison tool allows you to compare the cost of car ownership under two separate car owning scenarios (e.g. current car versus upgraded car). A great starting point if you are considering upgrading your car.

Personal Contract Hire (PCP)– Lease Comparison – compares the costs of a PCP against a lease to help you decide which is more suitable for you.

Car Loan Comparison – this comparison tool allows you to compare three different car loan scenarios. Ideal to help you work out what you can afford and the loan term most suitable for your budget.

3 Car Lease Comparison – Leasing is often the cheapest route into new car ownership. For as little as £100 per month you could be driving around in a brand-new car. If cost is important to you and you are prepared to commit to at least a 12 month contract, a lease could be your best option.

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Personal Contract Purchase / HP or Car Loan Comparison – This tool enables you to compare the cost of a PCP deal and HP on the same car. Often you will be offered different interest rates on a PCP and HP so this comparison tool will help you determine the potential difference in the finance cost.