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Buying a car can be a stressful experience especially if you are faced with a pushy salesman! If you prefer the idea of buying, pressure free, from the comfort of your own home, why not give us a call?

You may want to call us, if:

You have experienced that moment of dread as you drive away from a dealer in your new car wondering if you have made the right decision.

You know there are lots of questions you should ask but in the heat of the moment you never quite remember what they are.

You want to upgrade to a new car but you don’t want to pay over the odds.

You don’t enjoy visiting car show rooms and the process of negotiating and buying a car.

You want a good deal and an easy life!
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Eight Steps to your new car with

Step One

Call us without obligation to discuss your requirements. If you need guidance, we would be happy to help

Step two

We will compile a shortlist of suitable vehicles

Step Three

You will provide feedback on the shortlist

Step Four

We will undertake comprehensive vehicle check and send you supporting documents

Step Five

We will negotiate a price for the vehicle

Step Six

You will make a decision from the comfort of your home

Step Seven

If you wish to go ahead, you will arrange payment

Step Eight

We agree delivery of your car

And we will be at the end of the phone to support you through the entire process!

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Fully documented check & appraisal

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Service history
V5 Document
Chasis check
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Chasis check
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Alloy wheels
Spare key
Locking wheel nut
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You make a decision from the comfort of home and car delivered to you.

Why buy your car online?

Car buying online is already the choice for thousands of Britons each year and this number will inevitably rise. The internet savvy already understands the advantage of extending the car market from their local dealer to the entire country. Why restrict yourself when there are over million cars on the UK market at any one time?
If you buy your car locally, it means trailing around car dealerships and having stressful conversations with salesmen out to fulfil their quotas. Whereas car buying online, through provides easy access to a huge country-wide market. Infinitely more choice and far better deals. will complete all the checks necessary to make the process of car buying online safe, stress free and rewarding. Read what our customers say if you harbour any doubts.
Car buying online with, the best route to your next car.

“What I liked best about was they gave me loads of advice but no pressure. They were easy going and knowledgeable. I called them several times and they were always helpful and in the end they were able to find me a better deal than my local dealer!”
John Broad, Brighton
“I am so pleased I approached because they were always professional and gave me so much support. It was a stress free experience and I would happily recommend their services to others.”
Sarah Coleman, Basingstoke.