Fuel Mileage calculators

These simple to use calculators have many practical uses including predicting the annual cost of fuel on a potential new car and working out the cost of individual journeys.

Mileage Calculator

Annual mileage Annual mileage Annual mileage
Cost per litre Cost per litre Cost per litre
Total cost   Total cost   Total cost
Instruction: Calculate the cost of fuel for a journey or on your annual mileage and compare fuel costs of up to 3 cars or different mileage / fuel cost scenarios.

Fuel Calculator

Cost per litre
How much you spent
Miles covered
Actual MPG
Instruction: Calculate your actual MPG based on miles travelled and cost of fuel


Car manufacturers have undoubtedly responded positively to the pressure from the worldwide environmental lobby by creating far more efficient and less polluting engines in recent years. The internal combustion engine has long been a major environmental concern, responsible for belching tons of carbon and other noxious gases into our atmosphere every year.

However, the latest generation of diesel engines routinely deliver fifty plus MPG with a far lower carbon footprint than thought possible only a few years ago. And they achieve this without compromising performance.

Although someway behind diesels in terms of economy, petrol engines too are becoming more economical and less polluting. For the consumer this means lower costs of fuel and car tax (which is currently free for cars producing less than 100grams CO2 per kilometre driven).

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Hybrid Technology

And what of the hybrids? In certain circumstances hybrids can delivery incredible fuel economy (up to 150 miles per gallon) but they are not practical for everyone. Battery powered electric motors are suited to short journeys and not long motorway hauls where battery life is quickly exhausted. Of course, the speed at which the industry has developed so far, suggests that hybrid technology will improve quickly and it will be fascinating to predict where it will lead us to in ten years time.

The cost of fuel can be an important consideration when choosing a car, particularly for those who drive for a living or have long daily commutes. When you consider you can drive from London to Leeds for £16 in the comfort of a Jaguar, BMW or Mercedes it may tempt you to reassess your love affair with the more thirsty petrol engine in favour of the diesel. Certainly the new efficient diesel engines now dominate the company car market and account for over 50% of new car sales in the UK.

The calculators are useful both for predicting the cost of individual journeys and for calculating the cost of your annual fuel bill. For those without on-board computers we have also provided a calculator which allows you to work out how many miles per gallon you are getting from your car. Just plug in information from your pit stops to work out the fuel efficiency (or inefficiency) of your vehicle.

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